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Bold Sky foundation

Empowering Women Product Entrepreneurs & Inventors through Investment and Coaching



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About Us

BoldSKY Foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs by providing financial investment and strategic coaching services to support their product business endeavors. 

Recognizing the immense potential and largely untapped talent of women in the business world, BoldSKY aims to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship and foster a movement of empowerment, innovation, and success.

What We Do

Our mission is to create an ecosystem that enables women product entrepreneurs and inventors to thrive.

We believe in the transformative power of women-led businesses and their ability to drive economic growth, create jobs, and bring about positive change in their communities. By providing both financial resources and tailored coaching, we strive to empower women who have a product idea to pursue their dreams, overcome barriers, unlock their full potential, and build successful and sustainable businesses.


Within BoldSKY, we will offer investment opportunities to promising women entrepreneurs. We understand that access to capital is often a significant challenge for women, and our goal is to remove this barrier by providing funding to deserving ventures. Our investment process involves a detailed understanding of passion, business strategy and plans, grit, financial viability, and social impact. We focus on supporting early-stage startups primarily under $5M in revenue, providing seed funding, and serving as a catalyst for growth.

Coaching/Mentorship Services

In addition to financial investment, BoldSKY provides strategic coaching services tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. Jules + Stace, with our team, will work closely with the founders, offering guidance, industry insights, and practical advice to help navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Through personalized coaching sessions, we aim to fill in the potholes with rocks to make the road a little easier. We will strive to enhance leadership skills, develop business strategies, improve financial management, and foster personal and professional growth.


We recognize the importance of a vetted and supportive network in fostering entrepreneurial success. Through our collective years of experience, we have established a vibrant network consisting of manufacturers, marketing agencies, investors, attorneys, successful leaders, industry experts, and experienced entrepreneurs that we will make available as helpful. This network will afford women entrepreneurs invaluable connections to propel their business forward. No more wasting money on unvetted contacts.


BoldSKY Foundation is committed to making a global impact. Our heartbeat is to help women anywhere and everywhere by empowering them to realize and pursue their deepest dreams. To that end, we measure and maximize our impact. We regularly assess the progress of the ventures we invest in, tracking key performance indicators.


We believe in the importance of sustainability, both in terms of the environment and the longevity of the businesses we support. Through responsible investment practices and a focus on sustainable business models, we aim to create a lasting impact that benefits not only the entrepreneurs but also their communities and the wider society.